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Many stunning examples of Egyptian Furniture have been unearthed over the years in famous tombs, such as those at Giza. In addition, many archaelogical examples have been discovered in distant areas of Asia, proof that the detailed carpentry and craftsmanship of the Egyptians was valued far and wide.

For a more thorough examination of the history of Egyptian Furniture, please check out this excellent site about Ancient Egyptian Furniture and Woodworking.

ankh There are a number of Egyptian furniture dealers on the internet. While some carry only the finest historical reproductions, many do not. Many furniture stores are content with only a small scattered collection of Egyptian period revival pieces, with very little period knowledge to assist you in the buying process. Like most furniture shopping experiences, the old saying that "you get what you pay for" still holds some truth. However, there are a number of Egyptian revival dealers who are improving the quality-to-price ratio, and offer a fine collection of museum quality, historically accurate Egyptian reproductions at reasonable prices. Two of our favorites, whose high quality products are featured on this site, are listed below.

Design Toscano

If you have been searching for museum quality Egyptian Revival pieces to accent your designer home or office, look no further! Once built for kings and queens, Design Toscano now offers a gorgeous collection of exquisite pieces, many with hand-painted designs and accents, hand-worked metals, real hand-applied gold leaf, hand-carved solid woods, and cast iron. This is as close to "the real thing" as you can get! Now you can accent your home or office with these stunning historical replicas, without having to dig in the sand in Egypt or deplete your life savings at an Egyptian antiquities auction.

The Museum Store Company

Featuring one of the largest collections of museum and art reproductions in the world, the Museum Store Company offers fine museum quality reproductions at reasonable prices. Offering exquisitely detailed reliefs, figurines, and home furnishings, the historical accuracy of these artifact pieces will grace your home or office with a rare Egyptian classical style.